OCR Conversion

In number of countries round the globe, the services of OCR conversion are gaining popularity and are increasing in demand. Outsourcing OCR conversion services to Data Entry OS India is the best and cost effective option to utilize the high-tech OCR technology in business process. We offer OCR conversion services covering conversion of printed document, scanned papers, books, PDF files etc. in the electronic files that are searchable and editable. With the use of advanced technology, we offer OCR conversion services that are highly accurate and cost effective and help in modernization of businesses. OCR is beneficial since it is more accurate, fast and efficient and therefore helps to improve productivity.

We offer below listed Check Processing Services such as

  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Large format drawings
  • Aperture Cards
  • Directories
  • Newspaper OCR
  • MICR
  • Manuscripts
  • Typewritten or printed images OCR
  • Music OCR
  • Insurance Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Banking Forms
  • Bounded Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Bill Remittance Forms
  • General coding
  • Litigation coding, etc…

Data Entry OS India serves and leading and reliable outsourcing partner offering high quality OCR conversion services. Based on the requirements of project, customized solutions are offered so that businesses can find all the desired solutions under one roof. Even the unstructured and most difficult files are captured and converted to fully formatted and highly organized OCR files. With the experts have desired skills and experience of the field, we are able to deliver industry best solution to all our clients at most competitive prices. With the OCR conversion services offered by us, businesses are able to quickly move data in the system with high accuracy.