Offline Data Entry Services Provider

offline data entry

To make the front end effective and efficient, it is very important to have a competent back end. The perspective of end user is focused in the offline data entry services offered by Data Entry OS India. We understand the business requirements and provide customized solutions to fulfill the same. It is not easy to bring out sensible and useful information from the large tome of available data. With the careful organization, collection and presentation, this process is made easy for the businesses. High levels of speed and accuracy are ensured by our meticulous process so as to deliver best quality solution within the anticipated time duration.

We offer various type of Online Data Entry Services

  • Business Cards data entry
  • Catalog data entry
  • Checks data entry
  • Customer data entry
  • Data Entry from Books
  • Data Entry from Images (tiff, jpg, pdf or any type of document)
  • Data Capture
  • Re-typing of Documents
  • Excel Processing
  • Word Processing Letters typing
  • Birth & Death records data entry
  • Book typing into word
  • Insurance Claim data entry
  • Typing Government or any property agreement data entry
  • Ballot Cards data entry
  • Invoice/Billing data entry
  • Index Cards data entry
  • Bank Statement data entry
  • Business Card data entry
  • Catalog data entry
  • Data Entry from Directories
  • Data Entry from Legal Documents
  • Data Entry from any type of Books/Magazines
  • Type printed names, address and other information in to database
  • Data Entry from Manuscripts
  • Survey from data entry
  • Data Entry from Tax Deeds
  • Cards and Documents data entry
  • Online or Offline purchase orders data entry
  • Banking Documents data entry
  • PDF data entry
  • Menu data entry (food, price, etc.)
  • Yellow Pages data entry

The customized offline data entry solutions offered by our team of highly experienced and professional enthusiasts make Data Entry OS India stand apart from the rest. Businesses can enjoy 60% savings on the functional cost by outsourcing the offline data entry services to us. With years of experience in the industry, our efficient processes make businesses to enjoy outsourcing gains while saving huge amount on cost. Our dedicated services ensure that your business goals are met and you can get competitive advantage. Get efficient, well managed and cost effective data entry projects from experts of the field.