Conversion Of PDF Document Into Word Format
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    The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA
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A large number of books which are in the PDF format are converted into the word format maintaining the accuracy levels to 100% as per the requirements fetch from the client’s side. There was a specified time limit denoted for the completion of the project since the data was required urgently.


  • The conversion was supposed to be done for 1000+ pages received which were in the pdf file format to be converted into the word format.
  • The instructions were sent along with the client desiring a level of 100% accuracy and absolutely in coordination with the instruction sheet sent.
  • Since it was a humongous data, to maintain the quality level of such data sheet in itself is a big challenge.
  • The team of experts and dedicated professionals was deployed for the completion of this task working round the clock.
  • It was clearly specified that the document should not be having any spelling mistakes, dealing with such huge data and with no spell error was a tedious task to accomplish.
  • While reviewing the document on the basis of font and margin, the whole documents was to be processed carefully since all of these to be done at the same levels as required.


  • Information required was delivered 100 % error free and maintaining high levels of accuracy.
  • Maintaining the quality level, the project was delivered within the specified time frame.
  • All the instructions followed by the customers were well taken care of.
  • There were professionals to tackle the projects working 24/7.
  • Thorough quality was maintained well.
  • Data entry services were deployed in different manners so as to ensure the presence of diversified clients.
  • Quality one stop solution is what the client desires to have and this was delivered.
  • Data or the information was made available to the client in the format desired.


  • There were team of dedicated professionals to handle the data and maintain its accuracy levels.
  • Marginal issues were all followed delivering 100% error free solutions.
  • Special characters were all added while converting them into word format.
  • It resulted in the satisfaction of the customer after the project was received in accordance with what was desired and in required time frame.