Online Rental Data Collection
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    The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA
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The details of the advertisement from the website posted by the advertising company was to be collected and transformed into a simpler excel sheet format without any error in the information. There should be absolutely no flaws in the original information.


  • The information with regards to rented properties was received on a weekly basis to be converted into excel format.
  • It turned to be a vital task to cut short the information and convert it into relevant data only.
  • The data from an advertisement just cannot be copy pasted so it was supposed to be entered manually but very carefully.
  • No error while mentioning the address, the crux of the property.
  • Listing down the number of bedrooms and bathrooms has to be error free too.
  • Whether it is equipped with a car parking space or not has started being one of the important tag these days which people want to be aware of.
  • The rental prices mentioned in a single column make the filter process much easier.
  • The description of the property has to be such to attract the intentions of the customer and the requirements.
  • The addition of the information should be so accurate as to draw the attention of the customer instantaneously.
  • Constant monitoring of websites is required as not to miss any relevant information.
  • The data should be well in coordination with any changes occurring in future.
  • In case of any changes, the client has to be informed.