The CAPTCHA Entry Done Online In The Application
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Analyzing the survey data and transferring the content into an excel sheet format so as to convert the information and come to a precise answer or verdicts. Conversion of a handwritten form to that into an easily readable excel sheet format is what the task and objective is.


    • The characters seen above are to be typed and the cursor dragged to the enter key is pressed.
    • The typing should be very much accurate and steady.
    • The letters are to be typed in the lower case version even if they are seen in the upper case version.
    • Usage of back space keys can be done to rectify any error while typing.
    • At times the text or the images aren’t clear, for them either they can be retyped or left blank or can go for a quick guess. Spending lot of time on guessing is not required.
    • After login is performed by the user, one should continue typing the words and press enter key.
    • The features of this process which are required to be avoided are:-
      1. One should not press the enter key while the image is getting loaded.
      2. No attempt should be made to reload the image.
      3. Mouse should not be used to move the cursor.
      4. Login sessions should not be left idle
  • Availability of data all the time isn’t guaranteed, whenever it is available the user should respond towards it immediately.
  • If it denotes the non-availability of data, it should be immediately notified by pressing the enter key every 2 seconds. This process should be in flow continuously to avail the data.
  • One needs to often take breaks while working, for this the session should be logged off once the user isn’t working and if there is switch over done by another user ,an immediate login should be performed in order to continue with the processing of the data.
  • If the message of image getting loaded appears on the screen, there should be several seconds’ scope given to the processor to carry on loading it further.
  • Avoid using the enter key during this time as to avoid the interruption in the functioning in the midst.
  • Avoid interrupting in the login session too by either typing a letter or two to continue, it is always suggested to log out and login back or replace the user.
  • It is suggested to work on single login sessions rather than two.
  • Proper log out process to be attempted while moving out of any session.

Priority order of such works should be maintained as

  • It should be in an error free zone
  • The login and working process should be in continuation
  • There should always be a login in replacement of the previous one and the login sessions should not be left idle.
  • The speed of working in this respect should be well maintained.