Transform The Tabular Data Into Excel
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    The client is one of the leading firms from San Francisco, CA, USA
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The data was picked from the pdf format and converted into excel sheet formats manually. There should not be any loss of information in the sheets since the statistical data loss will change the analysis. There should be error free data entry.


  • 10000 pages were received to convert the data into excel format.
  • The pdf sheets were supposed to be read carefully and data was entered into excel sheet manually.
  • The data was since in tabular forms into pdf sheet revealing the information in regards to establishments, hands employed, capital, wages, materials, products, page numbers and it was into numeral structure so method of double data entry was done to avoid errors.
  • There are many chances that while making the entry in numbers there are mistakes in the data entered so one has to be very careful while doing this.
  • At some places due to the introduction of Swedish language, the data entered followed the footsteps of conversion first.
  • The special characters at some places were introduced.
  • So while typing one has to be very cautious of the characters as to use what and when to use.
  • There should not be any interchanging or mixing of data in the tabular form entry.
  • The entries were entered one more time as to accomplish the habit of double entry data system as to avoid any chances of data entry.
  • Accuracy is one phenomenon which has to be 100% achieved.
  • 24/7 working was done to convert the data.